Boston Harbor Association

 September 8, 1997 NEWSLETTER Volume III, Number 3



 Sunday September 21, 1997

 From 2:00 pm To 5:00 pm



The Boston Harbor Association presents the 3rd Annual Community Picnic and Celebration of 25 years of community involvement by the Association. Mark your calendars and plan to attend to help the Association celebrate.

Where: Boston Harbor Marina

Food: Seafood Barbecue and

Potluck (Please Bring your favorite dish)

When: Sunday, September 21, 1997

 Entertainment: Open mike for local talent (Please feel free to come and show off your best act for up to 15 minutes)

Invitees: Gary Edwards, Judy Wilson, Kevin O'Sullivan and Karen Fraser

Volunteers are needed for setup, cleanup and food preparation. Call Dave Snider at 943-7276 or sign up at the Marina before September 21.




Vehicles are still speeding along Boston Harbor Road as well as 73rd Ave. This represents a continuing threat to both children and adults walking or riding bikes along both roads.

What can be done to reduce vehicle speeds? The following actions have been suggested to the Board and discussed with the County Road Department:

*Frequent speed enforcement by sheriff

*Reduce the speed limit to 25 mph before the treatment plant.

*Place an overhead flashing light or four way stop at the intersection of Boston Harbor Road and 73rd Ave.

*Put speed bumps on both 73rd Ave and Boston Harbor Road north of 73rd Ave.

*Not put a center stripe on the new asphalt north of 73rd Ave.


What do you think should be done? Call Tony Re at 754-2634 with your thoughts ASAP. We must take action soon because of the recent upgrade of Boston Harbor Rd north of 73rd Ave.



 The Boston Harbor Association was founded in 1972 as an action group to help the local community deal with land use zoning of North Thurston County.

 The purpose of the Association is to discuss and act upon issues ranging from education, housing, conservation, pollution, traffic, streets and highways, green belts, development plans or actions, recreation facilities, and the acceptance of gifts for the benefit of the community.

 The Historical Committee of the Association will have an exhibit at the picnic.

 Interested in serving on the Boston Harbor Association Board? Attend the January 14, 1998 winter meeting.



 Hopefully we will have the new Boston Harbor Welcome sign installed before the picnic. It was designed and painted by Vince Ryland, a local artist. It will be located on property owned by the County at the treatment plant.


Attention: 1997 and 1998 dues can be paid at the picnic.



 There are an unknown number of community members who have home businesses or operate businesses located elsewhere in the area. The Board feels that a directory of these businesses would be useful for the community. Please send your business card or a letter with the business name, owner's name, type of business, location and telephone number to Pam Jessen at the Marina. The data will be compiled intoa directory.



 The number of rate payers voting in the last utility election reached an all time high. Thank you for your interest and participation. As you probably know, Fred Gentry, Willa Fassett and Bob Knight were elected to the Committee.

Operationally, all is well. The main line going to Burfoot Park was repaired. It was leaking because of a problem during construction. A new leak has also been identified east of the first leak and is awaiting repair. We are exploring the possibility of purchasing and installing a treatment system which would remove significant amounts of the minerals from the water. Various options are available, and these are being studied. The addition will be costly. When we are satisfied there is something to present to the users, we will have a meeting to explain what can be done and for how much.


P.S. If you walk your pet be sure to carry and use a pooper scooper and keep

our neighborhood clean.