Boston Harbor Association

 September 22, 1996 NEWSLETTER Volume II, Number 6



 The Fall meeting of the Boston Harbor Association will take place on October 16, 1996 at 7:00 pm at the North Olympia Fire Station near the Gull Harbor Store on Boston Harbor Rd. The topic for the meeting will be a candidates forum featuring local legislative and county commissioner positions.

 Please put on your calendar. Thanks.


1995-1996 Association Accomplishments

 PLANNING: Fall 1995 was spent in developing a variety of action items for pursuit by the Association over the next few years. The final prioritized list of the Action Items were presented in the December 1995 Newsletter and are listed below. The original list of Action Items is on the back page.

Sense of Community

Develop a community mission or vision statement

Sponsor community gatherings

Sponsor community service days

Promote a Boston Harbor welcome sign

Continue newsletter

Sell Boston Harbor items as fund raisers



Develop a blockwatch program

Implement a local disaster response program



Develop a program to educate existing and new landowners about the natural and cultural values as well as natural limitations that must be considered in developing and clearing in Boston Harbor. This would include pamphlets and community consultants.



Review need for speed reduction actions on local roads

Review need for more signs such as children at play and deer crossing



Work with marina on upgrading features that would benefit the community such as a gathering space, bulletin board, etc.



Review applicable laws

Educate owners on need for keeping pets at home and quiet



Prepare digest of all laws and regulations that pertain to Boston Harbor

Review actual and projected growth in the Association area



Work undertaken during 1996 has been to:

 * Provide information and sign for Blockwatch Program.

* Develop design for community sign. Negotiate with County over location.

* Provide "Music on the Dock".

* Continue Newsletters and




* Work with County on Boston Harbor Road speed reduction and bike lanes along 73 rd and Zangle Rd.

* Continue Fall community picnic.

* Work with ULID Advisory


Committee on Water System Study.


* Sponsor Community Garage Sale.

* Establish Historical Committee.

* Place member on County Parks Board.

* Install "Children at Play" signs.

* Monitor County's Wellhead


Protection Committee.


We need your help!

Please join with us in working on one or more of the above Action Items.


Contact David Jamison, president, at 357 4335 or Pam Jessen,

vice-president, at 357-5670.