HI! Welcome to the first newsletter of the BOSTON HARBOR ASSOCIATION. We hope to continue this newsletter for the membership on an irregular basis. We plan to report to you on land use and other issues of interest to the membership and the community.


SALMON CELEBRATION: The first Salmon Celebration and Community Gathering was held at the Boston Harbor Marina on September 24, 1995. The purpose of the gathering was to provide an opportunity for residents living within the ULID boundary to meet old friends and make new ones after the dust has settled over the sewer and water project. In addition marina slip users and Squaxin tribal fishers were invited as they are part of our community on a seasonal basis.

Approximately 120 to 150 people sampled delicious salmon caught by the Squaxin Fishers the night before as well as tasty clams and oysters. The clams and cooker were donated by Dave Johns of the Squaxin Tribe. The new Marina owners, Pam Vladeff and Gary Jessen, donated the oysters,space, and their time. A large chocotate cake by Ruth Peters, a carrot cake by Mary Hegland, and blueberry and strawberry cobblers by Sherri Snider were enjoyed by all. Local resident Crayne Horton of Fish Tale Brewery supplied the beer at cost. Thanks to the board members and Nancy Jamison for all their help in setting up and managing the gathering.

County Commissioner Judy Wilson spoke to the group on issues facing the County of interest to Boston Harbor such as the vote on the new juvenile jail and proposition 48.

Bob Knight spoke about the current activities of the Sewer and Water Advisory Committee of which he is Chair. See Bob's discussion below.

Jack Marshall discussed work he has done on documenting the early history of Boston Harbor. He offered copies of his compilation at cost to the attendees. He also showed a display he had borrowed from Talcott Jewelers showing the actual newspapers from the time of the founding of Boston Harbor as a real estate scam in the early 1900's.

Enthusiasm for the gathering was voiced by many asking for a repeat next year. The gathering produced 48 new members so the Board supports such an effort. The Board is looking to extending the invitation more broadly to include the entire northern part of the peninsula that is also part of the Association's coverage (see below).


VISION OF THE FUTURE OF BOSTON HARBOR: As part of the Salmon Celebration, the attendees were asked to respond to a questionnaire concerning issues they though would be important in the future. This questionnaire was developed by David Jamison with the help of Bob Knight as a first step in a community wide visioning process. While to a large degree the new sewer and water system is dictating land use activities within the ULID boundary, what about just outside the boundary? What about other issues such as the safety of the current road system for children and adult walkers, pets roaming off their owner's property, and land clearing regulations? The questionnaire was a crude attempt to get people to begin to think about these and other questions that could be reviewed and identified as issues for future action by the Association.

Twenty participants took time to review and fill out the questionnaire. While most people checked off items they felt were issues, 45% offered further comments. The results are as follows (% is number out of 20 that checked or said yes or no to the issue; the first number in the parenthesis is the yes response the second number is the no response):

Change zoning immediately outside ULID: 40% (2,1)

Expand water system: 50% (0,6)

Control pets: 55% (4,1)

Expand marina: 60% (0,4)

Add sidewalks: 70% (1,5)

Protect ground water supply: 65% (4,0)

Stormwater runoff: 40% (3,0)

Land clearing regulations: 60% (4,0)

Further expand Burfoot Park: 45% (1,3)

Enhance boat ramp: 55% (1,6)

The Board has reviewed the questionnaire response and decided to continue this effort. A meeting of the membership on this issue will be held at the North Olympia Fire Station on November 8, 1995 at 7:00 pm. there are only 19 parking spaces so please carpool.



 The Utility Committee, consisting of 5 property owners within the Boston Harbor Sewer/Water District who are elected by those property owners within the District, represent the users to Staff and the County Commissioners. The Utility is owned and operated by the County.

 Staff and the Committee are currently working on two major items.

 1. Annual Operating Budget: As of October 1, not all of the material is available to determine the final budget, but it appears as though we may be able to keep the rates the same as they are.

 2. Water Application: An application has been received for water service outside the present ULID boundaries. The impacts of this application are being studied. No decision has been made. The Community will be given ample opportunity to voice opinions and concerns, prior to any recommended decision to the Elected Officials. It is likely that the developer will drill well(s), if the Utility does not supply them water.

 Bob Knight, Chairman



The Association was founded on September 22, 1972. The southern boundary runs along Woodard Bay Road from the Gull Harbor Inlet area to Henderson Inlet. The purpose is to discuss and act upon issues ranging from education, housing, conservation,pollution,traffic,streets and highways, green belts, development plans or actions, recreation facilities, to the acceptance of gifts for the benefit of the community. Property owners within the area are voting members while all other members may interact in all matters except voting



Board member Betsy Ward sends along this update information on the current school year. The new principal is Carol O'Connell who comes to us from the North Thurston School District. Last year some 165 students attended the school which was up from previous years. This year about 200 are hitting the books. Growth in the school district has been tremendous. The school will be holding a Halloween Carnival on October 31,1995 from 5:30 to 8:00pm. Bring the youngsters for games, prizes and food -- also a chance to dunk our old principal, Al Tweit, in the dunk tank. The next Site Based Council Meeting will be held at 7:00pm, November 7, 1995 at the school.


Boston Harbor Association Board

 David W Jamison, President 357-4335

David Snider, Vice President 943-7276

John Erickson, Sec/Tres 786-5090

John Grotzol 754-4969

Bob Knight 352-5545

Jerry McDonald 943-3868

Ruth Peters 357-8086

Betsy Ward 786-8272

Todd Wilson 956-9018



NOVEMBER 8, 1995.


Published October 10, 1995