Boston Harbor Association

 May 15, 1996 NEWSLETTER Volume II, Number 2




There will be numerous community happenings this summer in Boston Harbor. Every resident, member or not, is welcome.

To let everyone know the times and places, the Boston Harbor Association (BHA) is sending this newsletter to both members and residents within Boston Harbor.

If you want to become a member of BHA and receive a quarterly newsletter, have a chance to influence community decisions, join activities of the BHA, and meet other members of the Boston Harbor community, please send name, mailing address, and phone number along with $5.00 per family to David Jamison or to Marina. Make checks payable to Boston Harbor Association.


1996 BHA BOARD ELECTED : The annual BHA Board election was held at the April 17, 1996 meeting. Pam Jessen was nominated to fill the vacated position formerly held by Jon Grotzol. Pam and her new husband Gary (They were married in March of this year - congratulations) are owners of the BH Marina. Pam along with the remaining Board members from 1995 were then reelected by unanimous voice vote. Please see the list of 1996 Board members at the end of the Newsletter. Officers of the BHA will be elected at the May 15 Board meeting.

 SLOW DOWN AND OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT ! Several BHA members have been reviewing the need for additional traffic controls in Boston Harbor. Concern arose after an accident this last Fall at 73rd and Boston Harbor Road that almost led to serious injuries. After several letters from the BHA and a meeting with County officials, the County undertook a study of traffic speeds around the intersection. Although the speed limit from the Sewer Plant north (toward Boston Harbor) is still 40 mph, dropping to 25 mph after 73rd Ave, some 15% of the cars were clocked going over those limits. Some were even going 57 mph north of 73rd. North of 73rd there are no shoulders that children and adults can use to avoid cars. As summer arrives with its nice weather and every day occurrence of children on the roads, please watch your speed and be on the lookout for both children and adults. The County will continue to monitor the situation and, if necessary, further action may be taken.

DON'T CROSS THE WHITE LINES ! The County is also being asked to repair the rumble strips placed on the right hand side of the corner (as you turn into Boston Harbor) next to the Sewer Plant. Lack of rumble strips has led to an increased number of vehicles cutting the corner and driving over the white side strip. Walkers routinely use the shoulder in rounding the corner and could be hit by vehicles that cross over the white line.

 NEED FURTHER INFORMATION ? Contact Chris Haynes at 943-5667.



Garage Sales: The BHA will be sponsoring a one day community wide garage sale on June 1, 1996 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The BHA will obtain the needed permit and provide newspaper and street advertizing. You hold your own sale on your property as part of the overall program. Let us know if you will be participating by calling Patty West at 956-3649 (just leave your name and address) before Wednesday, May 29,1996. On May 31 or the morning of June 1, come to the Marina to pick up your copy of the permit and some balloons to mark your location. Incidently if you are interested, join Pam Jessen and others at 7:00 pm May 14 at the Marina to make signs.

Music on the Dock: On Sunday afternoons, June 23, July 21 and August 18, come join the BHA for a series of jam sessions by a variety of local musicians. These will be informal gatherings beginning at 3:00 pm at the Marina. FishTale ale will be on tap.

2nd Annual Fall Party: Join us in welcoming the return of the salmon with a seafood potluck picnic at the Marina. This year it will be held on Sunday, September 22, 1996. Details in future newsletters.

HELP! If you want to help with any of the above or become involved in planning future fun times call Pam Jessen at 357-5670. Boston Harbor Historical Society Inspired by Jack Marshall's historical review presented at last Fall's seafood picnic, a group, called the Boston Harbor Historical Society, has been formed to: secure an historical marker for the lighthouse, restore the lighthouse's original top, compile an oral and visual history of Boston Harbor and answer such questions as: "Who was C.D. Hillman? How did Boston Harbor get its name? Why the long skinny lot sizes? Why are there lots under water?". They are looking for anyone with information, news reports, photos or just memories of old time Boston Harbor. The next meeting is May 13, 1996. Call Gwen Haynes at 943-5667 or Beverly Kohler at 357-7624 for more information or to help.

A SIGN FOR BOSTON HARBOR The design is finished (see below) for a community sign to be placed at the entrance to Boston Harbor across from the Sewer Plant where the light pole is located. A committee is working with the County to secure permission to place the sign on the property. The area will be landscaped and lighted. For information contact Gray Brogdon at 786-0234.

 CRIME IS ON THE INCREASE For the first time in many years reported crime has increased in Boston Harbor. In March car windows were shot out on 73rd Ave. In April a vehicle prowl was reported on Boston Harbor Road north of 73rd. One method of prevention is to establish a network of neighbors watching out for each other through a local BlockWatch program. You can start the program by meeting over the fence or over coffee with those neighbors that can see your house and yard. Ask them to report any suspicious activities to 911. You do the same for them. Please call Ruth Peters at 357-8086 to obtain materials needed to form your own blockwatch group.

 \ULY 4TH CELEBRATION: Every July 4th the residentsof Boston Harbor do their own thing. Rockets, fountains, bangers, etc. go off all over the place. Some of the locations are safe, some are not. How can we make this coming Fourth a truly safe and sane one that also includes aerial displays similar (but smaller) to Lakefair? How about a single big display over the bay near the Boston Harbor Marina at a safe and widely seen location such as on a barge. How about using 2 and 1/2 inch mortars in aerial displays purchased atwholesale? OK! How many of you out there would be willing to support the purchase of big aerial fireworks that would be shot off in a location that all could see? Please contact David Jamison (357-4335) with your expressions of interest by June 1. If enough people come forward we will coordinate a Boston Harbor Fireworks event for this coming July 4th. Donations will only be accepted after enough people express interest.


Boston Harbor Association Board


David W Jamison, President 357-4335

David Snider, Vice President 943-7276

John Erickson, Sec/Tres 786-5090

Pam Jessen 357-5670

Bob Knight 352-5545

Jerry McDonald 943-3868

Ruth Peters 357-8086

Betsy Ward 786-8272

Todd Wilson 956-9018