Boston Harbor Association

 March 18, 1998 NEWSLETTER Volume IV, Number 2



 March 24, 1998 Traffic Committee Meeting

 May 30, 1998 Garage Sale Day

 June 28, 1998 Music on the Dock

 July 4, 1998 Fourth of July Fireworks

 July 26, 1998 Music on the Dock

 August 30, 1998 Music on the Dock

 September 20, 1998 Fall BBQ and Potluck


Upcoming Activities:


Garage Sale - The BHA will host the third annual sale on Saturday May 30. The BHA will put out signs along Boston Harbor Road, run a classified add for three days, obtain the community garage sale permit and provide balloons to mark participating houses. Participation will cost non BHA members $2.00 while members will be free. Contact Ruth Peters at 357-8086.

 Music on the Dock - Music in a variety of forms will happen again at the BH Marina on selected Sunday afternoons this summer. Note the above dates. Volunteers are needed for a variety of activities. Contact Pam Jessen at 357-5670.

 Fourth of July - Under the official umbrella of the BHA, the third annual fireworks show will occur at 10:00 pm, Saturday, July 4. Donations are needed now so fireworks can be purchased in April at a substantial discount. We would like to better last year's effort. Send donations to the BH Marina. Contact David Jamison at 357-4335.

 Fall BBQ and Potluck - The annual affair will occur on Sunday afternoon September 20. Volunteers are needed. Call Pam Jessen or Patty West at 956-3649.

 Traffic Committee Meeting: The Board of Directors reaffirmed the need for a continued discussion of vehicular speed on our local streets. The Traffic Committee was reconstituted with Terra Hegy (705-4950) as chair. The committee will hold its first meeting at 7:00 pm, Tuesday, March 24 at the BH Marina. More committee members are needed; other members of the BHA or community at large are welcome. Issues to be discussed are: (1) Use of the Thurston County Speed Watch Program in our community. The Program is a local, volunteer based effort to educate vehicular users of our streets of the speed limits. Volunteers would use County radar equipment to identify vehicle speed including those traveling over the speed limit. The program would also be used around the Boston Harbor School. (2) Review the need for a reduction in the speed limit to 25 MPH before the Sewer Plant and changes to the signs, bike lane bumps and view obstructing vegetation.Pet Control: The annual BHA meeting in January generated considerable discussion of roaming pets. Several dog packs have been getting into garbage cans and threatening residents over the past six months. In particular there are several German Shepards in the general area of BH Road and 73 rd and around 75th Way that have been chasing deer and threatening people. In addition there are a number of cats that roam the neighborhood chasing birds. Common courtesy would dictate that you control your pets. While we don't now have a pet leash law in force, if pets continue to roam beyond their property a more formal approach may be investigated. Incidently if you see animals causing problems please call Animal Control at 943-3640. Be sure you clean up after your pet if they accompany you on a walk off your property.

 BH Welcome Sign needs more work: Our sign is beautiful, but still needs some work. The sewer plant has agreed to allow an electric line to be run to the sign to light it at night. A volunteer is needed to make this a reality. Contact David Jamison at 357-4335.

 Boston Harbor School Anniversary: The school is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Our historical committee is working on a way to capture some of that history. Contact Bev Kohler at 357-7624 if you would like to help.

Dofflemyer Point Lighthouse: A committee is being formed to "spruce up" the lighthouse and install a plaque to commemorate it's place on the National Historic Register. Madeleine Campbell, longtime lighthouse keeper, has graciously agreed to give a tour and historical presentation on the lighthouse for a small group of BHA members. The date is April 25 at 2:00pm. Contact Sherry Snider at 943-7276 to be included in the tour.

 March Board Meeting: The newly elected Board met on February 10. Pam Jessen was elected President, Brad Payne, vice president and John Erickson, Secretary-Treasurer.

Board members are:

John Erickson 786-5090

David Jamison 357-4335

 Pam Jessen352-2816

 Jerry McDonald943-3868

David Monthie 357-9135

Blair Nixon 705-9056

Brad Payne 352-4242

Ruth Peters 357-8086

David Snider 943-7276