Boston Harbor Association

 January 4, 1999 NEWSLETTER Volume V, Number 1



January 20, 1999 Annual Meeting

June 5, 1999 Garage Sale Day

June 27, 1999 Music on the Dock

July 4, 1999 Fourth of July Fireworks

July 25, 1999 Music on the Dock

August 29, 1999 Music on the Dock

September 19, 1999 Fall BBQ and Potluck



January 20, 1999 at Fire Hall 7:00pm

 * Election of Association 1999 Board (New members needed)


* Old Business

  Review of Road Safety Issues

Review of 1999 activities: committee actions, annual picnic, July 4th, garage sale and music on the dock


* New Business

Intercity Transit Presentation: In March Intercity Transit will ask the voters for an increase in the sales tax from 8 % to 8.2% to fund their operations. A spokesperson will be here to explain why they need the money and why it can't be raised through fares.

Water Treatment Upgrade: As you read this, the new water treatment upgrade will have been installed and begun operation. The upgrade is designed to substantially remove Iron and Manganese that have been causing the staining and bad water odor problems over the past few years. You should see an improvement by the end of January as the lines are flushed of residual sediments.

 Opposition to Stormwater Fee: The Board sent a letter to the County Commissioners opposing the imposition of an additional stormwater fee to the existing $21 fee. Since all of the proposed capital projects are in a small area around Lacey, a ULID should be enacted for the affected property owners, just as we have done for our sewer and water problems. The current fee should also be removed since all the planning is done and we apparently will not have projects in our area.


Upcoming Neighborhood Activities:

 PLEASE VOLUNTEER-only you can make it happen!

 Garage Sale - The BHA will host the fourth annual sale on Saturday, June 5. The BHA will put out signs along Boston Harbor Road, run a classified ad for three days, obtain the community garage sale permit and provide balloons to mark participating houses. Participation will cost non BHA members $2.00 while members will be free. Contact Ruth Peters at 357-8086.

 Music on the Dock - Music in a variety of forms will happen again at the BH Marina on selected Sunday afternoons this summer. Note the above dates. Volunteers are needed for a variety of activities. Contact Pam Jessen at 357-5670.

Fourth of July - The fourth annual fireworks show will occur at 10:00 pm, Saturday, July 4. The previous displays generated considerable enthusiasm and delight. This year will be even better as we learn more on controlling and setting off the fireworks. Donations will be appreciated anytime especially before mid April so fireworks can be purchased at a discount. Send donations to the BH Marina. Contact David Jamison at 357-4335.

 Fall BBQ and Potluck - The annual affair will occur on Sunday afternoon September 19. Volunteers are needed. Call Pam Jessen or Patty West at 956-3649.

 Neighbor helping Neighbor:

 Traffic: After efforts by the Traffic Committee (Terra Hegy, 705-4950), the County installed four way stop signs at the intersection of 73rd Ave and Boston Harbor Road. Compliance has been wonderful and it has greatly reduced the potential for accidents at the corner as well as helping to reduce speed on Boston Harbor Road. There still is the need to protect walkers at the Sewer Plant corner. Volunteers are needed to look into changes to the signs, adding more bike lane bumps and reducing view obstructing vegetation.

Pet Control: Owner control of roaming dogs has greatly improved over the last year. Thanks to all of you. However there still is a problem with pet cats that roam the neighborhood chasing birds and using flower beds as bathrooms. Please control your cat, not only for your neighbor's benefit but also that of your cat. A national program called "Cats Indoors" was initiated this summer to educate owners about protecting their cats from outdoor hazards such as attacks by wild animals, disease, cars, parasites, and exposure to pesticides. The average life of an outdoor cat is just two to five years, while an indoor cat may survive 17 or more years. A pamphlet is available at the marina discussing the merits of having indoor cats. Not only is it bad for them to be outside, but outdoor cats are a major threat to small birds. Nationwide millions of birds are killed by cats. Wild birds have not evolved defenses against the domestic cat and are vulnerable to heavy predation by this unnatural predator. Bells on cats are not effective because of the cat's habit of slow stalking. Even well fed cats catch birds because of their killer instinct. So please for the safety of your cat and that of our native wildlife please keep your cat inside or on your property. If you see animals causing problems please call Animal Control at 943-3640. Be sure you clean up after your pet if they accompany you on a walk off your property.

Light Pollution: Concerns about personal and property safety as our neighborhood grows and more outsiders come in on a daily basis has meant keeping doors locked and sometimes installing security lights to illuminate property. However security lights not only shine on your property but may also effect your neighbors. Please be sensitive that new or existing security lights do not intrude upon your neighbor. Install lights so that they are directed only at your property, use motion detectors so that the lights shine only when needed, or shield them to eliminate off site illumination. The common mercury or sodium vapor security lights can be easily shielded by painting the part of the transparent shield black that faces the neighbors. Plenty of light will still cover your property while the black paint will cut down light affecting others.

 Incidentally Dues are Due