Boston Harbor Association

 December 15, 1995 NEWSLETTER Volume I, Number 2



 The winter meeting of the Boston Harbor Association will take place on January 18, 1996 at 7:00 pm at the North Olympia Fire Station near the Gull Harbor Store on Boston Harbor Rd. The topic for the meeting will be continuation of the discussion to produce a list of activities for the Association to undertake during 1996.

 Please put on your calendar. Thanks.



 A meeting of the membership was held on November 8, 1995 to begin development of an action plan for the Association. Fifteen members were in attendance. Led by President David Jamison and Vice President David Snider, the group explored some twelve major issues that might be of interest to the community that the Association could pursue as projects in 1996 and beyond. These issues were transportation, esthetics, pets/wildlife, air/water quality and quantity, water/sewer system, housing/growth, school, safety/crime, enforcement, local business, marina, and sense of community.

 The results of the meeting were a prioritized list of identified specific actions that could be tackled by the Association. A summery of the discussion by issue will be available at the meeting.

 The proposed specific future actions and their priority as determined by those present were as follows:


Sense of Community

Develop a community mission or vision statement

Sponsor community gatherings such as picnic and Association meetings

Sponsor community service days such as an annual cleanup day and/or a community help day for a worthy cause

Promote a Boston Harbor welcome sign

Continue newsletter

Sell Boston Harbor items as fund raisers



Develop a blockwatch program

Implement a local disaster response program



Develop a program to educate existing and new landowners about the natural and cultural values as well as natural limitations that must be considered in developing and clearing in Boston harbor. This would include pamphlets and community consultants.



Review need for speed reduction actions on local roads

Review need for more signs such as children at play and deer crossing



Work with marina on upgrading features that would benefit the community such as a gathering space, bulletin board, etc.



Review applicable laws

Educate owners on need for keeping pets at home and quiet



Prepare digest of all laws and regulations that pertain to Boston Harbor

Review actual and projected growth in the Association area


You are encouraged to come to the meeting to further discuss these items as well as any others you may have. In addition be prepared to identify issues that you may be willing to work on or take the lead in addressing. Please feel free to bring a friend, member or not.

Some activities are already started. John Erickson (Law digest), Chris Haynes (Transportation), Betsy Ward (Esthetics), Pam Vladeff (Sense of Community), Ruth Peters (Block Watch) and Greg Brogdon (Sign design) will report on initial activities at the meeting.


Please don't let your busy schedule prevent you from working with us in making the Boston Harbor Area a better place to live.

 More and more people are moving in every day. The new school is even beginning to have to plan for expansion. With increased population comes increased traffic, crime, noise and a change in those qualities that brought us here in the first place.

 But before you tackle speeding cars and crime in the streets, lets get to know each other and develop more of a sense of community. Come to the meeting to meet you neighbor and plan for fun outdoor events this next summer.

 P.S. Did you know you can drop your sewer/water payment at the sewer plant and save postage?


Boston Harbor Association Board

 David W Jamison, President 357-4335

David Snider, Vice President 943-7276

John Erickson, Sec/Tres 786-5090

John Grotzol 754-4969

Bob Knight 352-5545

Jerry McDonald 943-3868

Ruth Peters 357-8086

Betsy Ward 786-8272

Todd Wilson 956-9018


Call David Snider with questions!


JANUARY 18, 1996.