Boston Harbor Association

 April 24, 1998 NEWSLETTER Volume IV, Number 3



 Garage Sale Date Changed - The date for the BHA Garage Sale has been changed to Saturday June 6 from May 30. Participation will cost non BHA members $2.00 while members will be free. Contact Ruth Peters at 357-8086.



 The Traffic Committee met on March 24, 1998. Under the leadership of Terra Hegy (705-4950), the committee changed it's name to the Safety Committee to better reflect it's mission to protect the children and adults of the community from injuries by vehicles traveling through the community.

 The Committee reviewed the information generated in the past by the County as well as local response on local road speeds and discussed alternatives for dealing with excessive speed

 There is a growing concern that with the increasing numbers of small children in the area (the BH School has the largest kindergarten class ever with 26 kids), the increased use of the streets for foot traffic by adults, and high vehicular speeds could lead to a tragedy. Some cars have been measured in the County study traveling over 50 mph just south of 73rd Ave on Boston Harbor Road. The majority of vehicles south of 73rd Ave were traveling near the existing speed limit of 40 mph in both 1996 and 1997, however speeds north of 73rd Ave were 8 mph over the limit of 25 mph in bothyears.

 Survey results from last September's BHA newsletter questionnaire showed that 65% of the respondents favored a lower speed limit, 40% favored some type of caution sign, while 35% favored stop signs on Boston Harbor Road.

 The Committee recently approached County staff about a reduction in the speed limit on Boston Harbor Road and installation of stop signs. County staff felt their speed studies showed that a reduction in the speed limit would not be appropriate. They did feel that there should be some type of transition between Boston Harbor Road south of 73rd Ave (classified as an "arterial" road) and its extension north of 73rd (classified as a "local access" road). They suggested that a four way stop at the intersection of 73rd Ave and Boston Harbor road would be the most appropriate solution.

 The Committee recommends installation of a four way stop at the 73 rd Ave and Boston Harbor instead of a reduction in the speed limit. This recommendation will be forwarded to the BHA Board for consideration. Your comments are welcome. Please contact Pam Jessen at 357-5670 or in writing at the Boston Harbor Marina or any BHA Board member.



 The proposed Speed Watch Program has been changed. The Sheriff's Department has asked the County's Jeep Patrol group to handle all Speed Watch assignments countrywide. The Jeep Patrol Speed Watch Team has already been out in our area and will continue to monitor speeds on an irregular basis in the future. The purpose of the Speed Watch Program is to educate motorists about local speed limits especially those visiting our neighborhood.