Boston Harbor Association


April 15,1996 NEWSLETTER Volume II, Number 1



 The spring meeting of the Boston Harbor Association will take place on Wednesday April 17, 1996 at 6:30 pm at the North Olympia Fire Station near the Gull Harbor Store on Boston Harbor Rd.The agenda will consist of election of the Board, updates on community action items, signup for CPR instruction, and a presentation on crime prevention through the BLOCKWATCH program.



 The January 1996 meeting of the Association was held in snow storm but inspite of the weather 20 of the members attended. Led by Vice President David Snider, the group heard updates on projects being undertaken by the membership.

 Chris Haynes reported on his discussions with the County on traffic controlat the intersection of Boston Harbor Road and 73rd Ave.

 Ruth Peters discussed the potential for a BlockWatch program. She has arranged for a presentation at the Spring Meeting.

 John Erickson has developed a summary of County regulations that affect us.

 Grey Brogdon presented a draft design for a community sign that could be placed at the entrance to the Boston Harbor area. He is now proceeding with a final design.

 Pam Vladeff listed a wide variety of fun community activities for the next six months such as a spring cleanup day, parties at the marina, a community wide garage sale, community help day for needy residents, and an art walk in the fall. Volunteers to run these projects are badly needed so call Pam at the Marina at 352-2816.

 The members present also decided to hold membership meetings on a quarterly basis at or around the 18th of April, July, October and January.



 The spring meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 17, 1996 at the Gull Harbor Fire Station starting at 6:30 pm. The agenda will be a full one so plan to come early.

 The first agenda item will be the annual election of members of the Board of the Association. Current members are listed at the end of this newsletter.Members of the Board serve one year terms and are elected at large by the members who are paid up in their dues and present at the meeting. The officers of the Board are elected by the Board at their first meeting after the elections. Nominations will be asked for at the beginning of the meeting with voting to follow.

 The second agenda item will be updates on several ongoing activities. Chris Haynes will report of transportation issues, Pam Vladeff will report on community gatherings, and Grey Brogdon on the community sign.

 Third a member of the North Olympia Fire Department will speak on the value of attending a CPR course. The Department has two course offerings: a half day course and a longer session. They will explaining the difference and seeking an expression of interest from the membership of which one they would want to attend.

 Finally Ruth Peters will put on a presentation of a BlockWatch program designed for our area. This will be a good time to kick off implementation of the program in our area. This is especially important in light of the series of vandal attacks on property along 73rd Ave in mid March.



Boston Harbor Association Board


David W Jamison, President 357-4335

David Snider, Vice President 943-7276

John Erickson, Sec/Tres 786-5090

John Grotzol 754-4969

Bob Knight 352-5545

Jerry McDonald 943-3868

Ruth Peters 357-8086

Betsy Ward 786-8272

Todd Wilson 956-9018


Don't forget- You can drop off your ULID payments at the Sewer plant office during business hours when the operator is present. If enough people chose this method of payment , the County may put in a drop box at the plant for use when the operator is not present.

 P.S. Take a walk in the rhody garden at Burfoot Park. The Boston Harbor Rhody Club has done a great job!