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2018 Activities

Upcoming Activities

2018—BH Association Annual Meeting

Date: February 12
Location: Boston Harbor Road Fire Station, 5046 Boston Harbor Rd. NE
6:30 PM—Social Time with refreshments
7:00-8:30—Business meeting with report on activities and accomplishments, proposed committee structures and election of board members for the new year.

2017 Activities

June 25, 2017 Sewer Sisters Garden Tour

Click here for details.

For an example of a project funded by the Sewer Sisters, click here.

2017 July 3rd Bicycle Parade and Fireworks Display

September Potluck at the Marina

April 22, 2017 Burfoot Weed Pull

Good turn out and even rainfree!

BHA Annual Meeting 2017

February 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM
North Olympia Fire Station-5046 Boston Harbor Rd NE
The purpose of the annual meeting was to review past activities and discuss what we may wish to do in the future. BHA president Richard Thompson coordinated the meeting. BHA Treasurer Nancy Brown provided a brief financial report. The election for the 2017 BHA Board was held, with all BHA members present voting. Kate Foster Keddie gave an update of the BH Marina, including a status update of the damage sustained to the docks from the severe wind in December. Frank Swinkey and Ed Steinweg gave an update about the BHA Sewer Advisory Board.

2016 Happenings

September Potluck at the Marina

September 18, 2016
Attendance was down considerably, most likely because of contention with the Seahawks game. Those who did attend enjoyed nice weather and delicious food - including an impressive assortment of potluck dishes as well as salmon, clams, and oysters provided by the Marina.

A decision was made to hold the 2017 potluck on Saturday, assuming that is OK with the Marina.

July 3rd Bicycle Parade and Fireworks Display

Starting with the decorated bike parade and ending with a truly spectacular fireworks display, the Boston Harbor community proved once again that it could put on a fun and entertaining day for Boston Harbor residents and nearby communities.

In addition to our traditional corporate banner sponsors, the Squaxin Tribes and casino donated a very generous sum to the Boston Harbor Association to support the fireworks. This addtional money as well as a larger barge than was used in past years, allowed the association to put on a bigger fireworks display.

Click here to see the banners recognizing our sponsors that were erected at Shipwreck Corner and the Boston Harbor Marina. Many thanks to all of you!

April 23, 2016 Burfoot Weed Pull

The number of volunteers was down from the 2015 crowd, but those who came were enthusiastic and hardworking. Efforts were concentrated on weeding the Butterfly Garden and spreading mulch.

Click here to check out the results. You will be duly impressed!

The wealther was comfortably cool and the rains held off until after the work was done.

Many thanks to Stephanie, Nancy Brown, Nancy Connery, Lynda Eich, Will Friesen, Lee Greenlee, Chris Hamilton, Clay Lankford, Pam McHugh, Chris Meehan, and Richard Thompson for taming the weeds in the Butterfly Garden and and to Maureen Sullivan for providing brownies and cookies.

BHA Annual Meeting

February 10, 2016 at 7:00 PM
North Olympia Fire Station-5046 Boston Harbor Rd NE

The purpose of the annual meeting was to review past activities and discuss what we may wish to do in the future. One item that was discussed is our annual Fireworks Display. The barge we have previously used is no longer available. Since the meeting much work has been put into finding a new barge, and as of mid April, 2016, it looks hopeful. Check back for details!

2015 Happenings

September 19, 2015 BH area wide Garage Sale

September 20, 2015 Potluck at the Marina

July 3rd Bike Parade and Fireworks

Sewer Sisters Bi-Annual Garden Tour - June 28, 2015

Burfoot Park Weed Pull and Potluck - April 25, 2015

BHA Annual Meeting (2015)


Photo Gallery

Photographs from 2014

Photographs of 2006 Picnic

Polar Bear Dip 2007

Historical Activities

Historic Signs

Two sets of Historic Street signs are now in place on local area street corners designating their unique place in Thurston County History. One set is located on 73rd Avenue NE which was Main Street until 1978. The other is on 81st Avenue NE, formerly known as Esterly Road.

Pam Trautman worked with the Thurston County Historic Commission to obtain approval of the signs which pay homage to Boston Harbor and the north peninsula history. The signs were funded by the Boston Harbor Association.

Main Street was named as part of the original C.D. Hillman plat in 1907. Main Street was the location of the hotel, marina, small café, and store, and continues to be the busiest street in town.

Esterly Road came along later when the County punched through access from Zangle Road to Libby Road in the 1960s. The Esterly family has lived on the Libby Road since the 1920s when photographer R. G. Esterly acquired the property. Esterly took many important historic photos of the Tumwater area and once lived near Tumwater Falls. Today, a portion of the original farm is leased as an organic farm selling vegetables, flowers, and herbs, as well as eggs from free-range chickens. Descendants of R. G. Esterly still live in the area.

Take note of the brown signs situated just below the modern green street signs on each corner.

Click here for historical information about Main Street.

Click here for historical information about the Esterly family.

Click here for photo gallery of historic signs (updated as new signs get installed).

Following incorporation the major interest of the Association involved land use planning. At that time Thurston County was engaged in establishing land use planning throughout the North County. The BHA along with other organizations in the area, worked with the County to establish land uses, zoning, etc. in our area.

As the land use planning was completed, The BHA started looking inward to the smaller area around the Marina and north up to the end of the Boston Harbor Road. The rebuild of the boat launch ramp, some traffic discussions and the potential loss of the Boston Harbor School were all activities during the late 70's.

Starting in the early 80's, raw sewage in our ditches became the primary topic of discussion, and occupied the community and the BHA until the completion of the sewer system and a new water system in late 1989. Water and sewer ULID's were established by Thurston County to finance and manage the new system.

Following the completion of land use planning and the sewer and water systems, there seemed to be no issue to address outside of Boston Harbor proper. The board therefore, changed its representation to include only residences from within and adjacent to the ULID boundary.

During the 90's, activities centered on a number of issues such as traffic control, walking paths, Block Watch, community picnics, garage sales and the public boat launch ramp.

Currently the BHA sponsors various community activities such as Music on the Dock held the last Sunday of June, July and August at the Marina; a Fourth of July fireworks display executed by local licensed talent and displayed over the harbor for the enjoyment of the entire neighborhood; a September community-wide Seafood BBQ and Potluck held at the Marina, where we celebrate the bounty of the sea and our community which has grown beside it and a semi-annual trash removal project along Boston Harbor Road.