Boston Harbor Association

October 31, 2003 NEWSLETTER Volume VII

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Association will be held on Thursday, November 20, 2003 at the North Olympia Fire Hall at 7:00 pm. Please note on your calendar and plan to attend.

The agenda for the meeting:

-Election of the 2004 Board

-Treasurer’s Report

-Boston Harbor Marina Remodel Update

-Sewer Plant Landscape Design

-Utilities Committee Report

-4th of July Review

-Animal Behavior

-Distribution of Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

-Open Forum


Formalization of Board Election Process

The 2003 Board has reviewed the process for annual election of board members. They have decided to change the process so as to provide more information on the candidates and introduce a more thoughtful process for designation of potential candidates. Here-to-fore the nominations were made at the beginning of the annual meeting with little thought by new candidates as to whether they had the time or inclination to serve when nominated. This is now changed to a more formal process whereby nominations are called for and accepted prior to the annual meeting. Candidates will have time to determine if they want to put in the time and effort necessary to be a board member.

At the meeting the candidates will be asked to introduce themselves.

The election will be held by paper ballot.

Role of the Board of Directors

The Board manages the business and affairs of the association. It is responsible for overseeing and allocating funds for such activities as the Music on the Dock, Annual Picnic and 4th of July fireworks. The Board has also initiated a variety of volunteer activities in the neighborhood such as the Garage Sale weekend, the Historical Committee, and the entrance sign to Boston Harbor. It also works with local and state governments on projects of interest to the community like the stop sign at 73rd Ave as well as the stop sign and changed corner by the sewer plant.

The Board meets monthly or less often depending on the number of issues under consideration. There are nine positions on the Board who serve on an annual basis. The Board elects the president, secretary/treasurer and vice president.

Composition of 2003 Board

Don Olmsted, President
Robert Knight, Vice President
David Jamison, Secretary/Treasurer
Chris Hamilton
Vaira Kennedy
Mark Kelley
Carole Linder
John Marshall
Pam McHugh
Dave Warren

Call for Nominations to the Board

Please send your nomination (feel free to nominate yourself) in writing or over the phone to David Jamison,Secretary/Treasurer, 418 73rd Ave NE / 357-4335. Deadline is November 14, 2003. Please include name and phone number of nominee.

Candidates or their representative must be present at the meeting.

Nominations of people at the meeting will also be accepted from the floor.

Only members who have paid their 2003 or 2004 Annual Dues of $10 per family will be eligible to vote at the meeting.