Boston Harbor Association May, 2006 Newsletter

We need more donations to meet our new fireworks needs! The 3rd of July fireworks show is going to be bigger and better. We have increased the size of the fireworks shells which will give bigger bursts and increased the number of shells by 20%. As a result the cost has increased by a $1000 and forced the firing site to be moved from its old location in the inner harbor to a barge which will be located outside the marina toward the lighthouse. Traffic control will again occur, please have your guests park off the asphalt of our roads.

We are asking everyone to cut down on their personal fireworks displays (or maybe even abstain) and to give those funds to the community show. Please do your part in making this a safe 3rd and 4th of July celebration this year! Please send your individual donations to the Boston Harbor Association c/o Boston Harbor Marina, 312 73rd Ave NE.

Four (4) local businesses will be selected for special firework's event sponsorship this year. If you are interested in having your business recognized as an event sponsor through local flyers and on a banner to be displayed near the marina, please contact Chris Hamilton at 943-2790 for more information.

Results from the 2005 Boston Harbor Open Space Survey! People in Boston Harbor value open space. Last year, Boston Harbor households were asked about their interest in preserving open space. An impressive 41% responded and told us that you value open space and want to act to preserve such areas.

People said that the most important qualities they like about Boston Harbor are:

1. Quiet environment
2. Safe streets for walking and biking
3. Areas of undeveloped open space
4. Presence of wildlife
5. Access to Puget Sound through the Marina
6. Pathways and trails
7. Controlled Traffic
8. Pocket Parks (such as at the sewer plant)

Also people said they will support preserving open space.

• 85% felt that preservation of open space was needed both within and outside the Sewer and Water District boundaries.

• 89% said they would be willing to support development of a local plan that addresses open space.

• 80% would be willing to contribute financially to a program for purchasing easements or land to be held by the Boston Harbor Association or other appropriate organization such as the Capitol Land Trust.

Discuss our Open Space Plan! The Open Space Committee of the Boston Harbor Association has acted upon the interest you expressed. A draft of the Open Space Plan will be discussed with the community over the next few months and finalized in August. Our community’s action is timely: The plan will assist the Thurston County Parks Board in deciding upon a recently proposed land swap of park lands with a private land owner. Please go to our Google forum site at (sign up to be a member of the Google group) to review the draft (available by early June). A copy will also be available at the Boston Harbor Marina. It would be most helpful to us if you would submit your comments by June 30, 2006 in writing either on the Google site or by dropping a letter to the Open Space Committee through the Boston Harbor Marina.

Help prevent mosquito borne disease in Boston Harbor! Washington is the last state to be hit by the West Nile Virus. A deadly killer, it is carried by local mosquitos. Still water in such places as unused flower pots, old tires, pools or rain barrels is prime breeding sites for the mosquito. So please help keep down the risk of getting West Nile Virus by removing standing water from your property.

Passing of a great friend to Boston Harbor! We mourn the passing of a good friend to the Boston Harbor community. Bob Knight of Dover Point Place died peacefully at home on May 3, 2006. Bob was one of the founders of the Boston Harbor Association and served as president and vice president numerous times since the beginning in 1972. He also served on the Thurston County Planning Commission from the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s. He was one of the first elected members of the Boston Harbor Utility Advisory Board and served until his passing. Bob also was a member of the recently initiated Advisory Board to the North Olympia Fire Department. Bob’s heart was in serving the community and his contributions over the years have made this a better place to live. Thank you Bob, we are going to miss you!

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