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BHA Annual Meeting - 2015

When: Wednesday, February 11, 7:00 PM  
North Olympia Fire Department,  
Boston Harbor Road Northeast, Olympia, WA  

The BHA Annual Meeting was well attended and very informative. BHA President Stu Simpson introduced the 2014 board members and the slate of candidates for the 2015 Board. He then asked if anyone in the audience desired to run. Since there were no additional candidates and the current slate numbered 9, which is the exact number required for the Board, a voice vote was taken to accept the current slate. That vote was unanimous. The new Board member list can be accessed by clicking on the Board Members tab on the menu bar at the top of the screen.  

Treasurer Nancy Brown then gave a brief treasurer's report, thanking the residents of Boston Harbor for their continued financial support of the July 3rd fireworks. Banner sponsors and donations to the can at the Marina as well as the efforts by residents on July 3rd, some of whom(thank you Glenn Hunter!) stood for hours at the Marina accepting donations meant that the event was fully supported by donations.  

Nancy also noted that raising the price of the September potluck from $5 to $10 (excepting chiuldren under 12 who were still free) meant that the event paid for itself.  

The following individuals then gave very informative talks:

The meeting ended with a re-cap by Board members about: as well as a open-floor discussion of issues of interest which included the following:

If you have are interested in any of the above issues or have additional ideas, contact any of the BHA Board members.